Marketing Materials

For more information regarding REITs: 

* Family office podcast featuring Martin Kollmorgen

* REIT Basics - an introduction to the REIT industry by Martin Kollmorgen

* REIT Strategy I - a breif REIT strategy overview by Martin Kollmorgen

* Why top asset allocators have 10-20% of their portfolios in REITs - An exploration of E-commerce and rise of data by Martin Kollmorgen

* White-Paper: REIT signals flashing Buy - Nov. 2018

* Deep-Dive: Coresite (COR): Deconstructing a REIT Juggernaut

* ACME Test: Added a public document in the middle of the other links.

* - NAREIT is the REIT industries governing body and offers a wide array of REIT data in a user-friendly format

* REITs and Interest Rates podcast with NAREIT's Calvin Schnure 

* More on REITs and Rates from NAREIT

* For a deeper dive into REIT investment check out this book

For Quant Investing guides: 

* A great FT article on Factor Investing

* Quantitative Value - an excellent overview of Quant investing and how to employ a value framework. 

* Quantitative Momentum - another great guide to employing a different quantitative strategy

* Black-jack lovers will appreciate the story of one of the original quants - Ed Thorpe